组建于2006年日本东京的三人迷幻摇滚乐队Tetragrammaton一方面承袭了70年代阿部熏、高柳昌行等人的日本自由即兴爵士之风,另 一方面则与不失者(灰野敬二)、酸母寺(Acid Mother Temple)同属东京迷幻音乐温床里的活跃份子。东欧传奇弦乐器Hurdy-Gurdy(中文翻译,手摇风琴或者绞弦琴)、高音萨克斯风、桌面结它和敲 击,乐队的乐器看似更适合演奏东欧民谣,实际上,却是从头到尾让你陷入高压和狂热的声音大熔炉,混合着迷幻摇滚、迷幻民谣、自由爵士、电子声响等无规律的 音乐碎片,那份“宇宙感”和“超现实感”,绝对是一次美妙又极端的Trip Psychedelic(原指服吃LSD后经历的一次完整的迷幻体验)。
乐队的三位成员TOMO(Hurdy Gurdy、Soprano Saxophone、Theremin、Electronics)、Cal Lyall(Tabletop Guitar、Electronics)和Nobunaga Ken(Drums、Percussion)都是日本新音乐圈的多面手,在包括Harsh Noise、独立民谣和跨界舞蹈、配乐等多个领域皆担当重要角色,Tetragrammaton同时也与包括灰野敬二、向井千惠、Acid Mother's Temple、传奇Butoh舞蹈家Mitsutaka Ishii、即兴提琴手Yasumune Morishige、CCCC的Hiroshi Hasegawa、CAN的Damo Suzuki等艺术家音乐家开展合作。2007年,乐队首张专辑《Elegy For Native Tongues》在东京厂牌Subvalent作2CD形式的出版,收录5首录音室作品,及3首于日本实验音乐Live House Penguin House的现场演出录音。
Japanese free psych/drone unit Tetragrammaton is one part 70s free improv (from the school of Kaoru Abe and Masayuki Takayanagi) and one part new millennium blissed-out drone/noise (a la Hototogisu and Vibracathedral Orchestra).
Mixing hurdy-gurdy, soprano saxophone, drums, percussion and (tabletop) guitar, the instrumentation might be well-suited to the folk-music of Eastern Europe, but falls more decisively into the camp of Fushitsusha or Borbetomagus.
The band has supported the legendary Keiji Haino on several occasions, and frequent guest spots have included Chie Mukai, Mitsuru Tabata (Acid Mother's Temple, Zeni Geva), butoh legend Mitsutaka Ishii, Hiroshi Hasegawa (aka ASTRO) Damo Suzuki (ex. Can) and
improvising cellist Yasumune Morishige.
The three members, TOMO, Cal Lyall, and Nobunaga Ken are also involved in a number of other projects, ranging from harsh noise to world folk music to electronica.
Forming in 2006 with a bare-bones free improv lexicon, the band has moved towards dense drone-based structures and an increasingly multi-layered approach to thematic development, most evident on their most recent double-CD release from Subvalent, Elegy for Native Tongues.
Band Members:
TOMO - Hurdy Gurdy, Soprano Saxophone, Theremin, Electronics
Cal Lyall - (Tabletop) Guitar, Electronics
Nobunaga Ken - Drums, Percussion
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