li daiguo | 李带果

Li Daiguo – improvisor, composer, street musician currently living in Chengdu, Sichuan China.
Most frequently used instruments and skills : violin, viola, cello, pipa, nanyin pipa, huqin (including erhu, sihu,banhu erxuan), ethnic flutes (xiao, nan-xiao (shakuhachi), hulusi, koudi, bawu), Zimbabwean mbira, kalimba, clarinet, human beatboxing, high and low overtone throat singing.

Chinese American born in Oklahoma, started formal training at the age of 5 in western classical music (violin, viola, cello, bass) and later at the age of 15 in traditional Chinese music (erhu, pipa). In university began to explore a variety of world music (Finnish, Carnatic Indian, etc.), improvisation and New Music as a Violin Performance and Literature major at San Diego State University. Participated in various world music ensembles, including university Finnish folk ensemble, participated in folk festivals and performance tours in finland for 2 summers (Kaustinen Folk music festival), performed with local improvisation, world fusion, and nu-jazz ensembles in southern California area (San diego, LA )

Moved to China in 2004 and began to focus on solo improvisation and composition, developing vocal skills (human beatboxing, overtone singing) and performing in a variety of venues and in the streets all over China, often visiting Japan and the U.S. Often collaborating with other artists including butoh dancers, contact jugglers, actors, clowns, musicians, VJs, DJs, live painters, magicians.


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