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近年,梁国健开始进入国际声音艺术场景,从事实验影象的创作及演出策划,曾应邀参与包括中国声音艺术在波兰、紫气东来新视野、欧亚态度行为艺术节等多项国际艺术交流活动。与梁国健合作的国际声音艺术家、前卫乐手有Dickson Dee、Park Je Chun、Myieon、Wu wei、Ulrich Moritz、COLORIR、Bernhard Gal、Christof Cargnell、Tujiko Noriko、Tom Thiel、Runar Magnusson, Sigune von Osten、Miho Iwata、Santiago Latorre,在实验艺术不断之中,游戏着,快乐着。


Liang Guo Jian is a Chinese multimedia artist.  His creations stretch across graphic design, experimental water-ink painting, installation, video and sound art.  Liang was borned in Foshan of Guangdong province during the Cultural Revolution.  He learned Chinese painting at an early age.  His talent is best shown in experimental water-ink painting.  His creative use of fire in Chinese painting is an avant-garde and innovative approach to traditional water-ink painting that brings out a new interpretation.  The visual effects show an air of mystery and desolation but has strong vitality and without losing the magnanimity of Chinese water-ink painting.  Liang not only inherits the traditional techniques from the predecessors, he also retains the humanistic spirit of Confucianism and Taoism that are shown in Ancient Chinese paintings.  He has developed an unique and self-established artistic language of his own.

In recent years, Liang has started to participate in the international sound art scene.  He has engaged in experimental video creation and performance planning.  In addition, he was invited to participate in many international art exchange performances including “Chinese Sound Art In Poland”, nowa eurasia perform @ponzen.  He has cooperated with many international sound artists and avant-garde artists including Dickson Dee, Park Je Chun, Miyeon, Wu Wei, Ulrich Moritz, COLORIR, Bernhard Gal, Christof Cargnell, Tujiko Noriko, Tom Thiel, Runar Magnusson, Sigune von Osten, Miho Iwata, Santiago Latorre, etc.

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