Trio Tarana

Trio Tarana
is led by percussionist/composer Ravish Momin who currently resides in New York City. He was born in India, and spent his childhood in Mumbai (Bombay), & Bahrain (Middle-East.)

Since he had also absorbed diverse influences growing up, he was not prepared to discard them, for one specific musical idiom. He had felt rootless, without a unique musical identity. As an Asian American percussionist living in the United States, he had long wanted to create music that both, utilized his Indian musical traditions reverentially, and was also reflective of his diverse influences, thus rightfully depicting his hybrid musical identity.

Therefore, the creation of Trio Tarana, in 2003, was a natural culmination of all of those diverse influences. "Tarana" itself refers to a song-style in North Indian Classical Music, where nonsense syllables or mnemonic drum sounds are used to spontaneously create a fluid chant or composition. In keeping with their namesake, the trio primarily utilizes Indian and East-Asian rhythms as the foundation for a new creative musical experience; they also employ compositions that seamlessly blend written material with spontaneous group interaction. The ensemble's mission is to continue to mature as a unit, and to share their unique Asian-American musical concept and identity with different audiences, worldwide.
Of their debut CD, had said: “It is fair to say that Tarana is without precedent in the world of improvised music. A true synthesis of North African, South and East Asian motifs with classical organization and the immediacy of free improvisation has probably not existed prior to “Climbing the Banyan Tree.”


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