Muzyka Centrum Ensemble

Muzyka Centrum Ensemble

Muzyka Centrum
is a society of performers of contemporary music, founded in June 1977. It organizes concerts, festivals. workshops, records Cds, arranges outdoor and Internet projects. By the end of 2008 the society organized 547 concerts presenting around 470 Polish and world premiers, repertoire in part dedicated to Muzyka Centrum Ensemble. Since 1991 till 2007 Muzyka Centrum was a member of the European Conference of Promoters of New Music. The most important international projects of Muzyka Centrum:

Audio Art Festival
European Modern Orchestra
International Workshops for New Music
Polish Sound Art in China / Chinese Sound Art in Poland / Polish Sound Art in Tibet
European Course for Musical Composition and Technologies
Festival for Polish Culture in Luxembourg

The society combines several ensembles. The oldest one is Muzyka Centrum Ensemble, the group with variable set of instruments, synchronized with each program seperately. MCE performed in many festivals in Poland and aborad, and was the part of many international projects, among others: Ensemble Spiel, Bridges, Avantgarde Tirol, Polish Cultural Autumn in Bielarus, Polish-German Year. Muzyka Centrum Ensemble program includes sophisticated repertoire; open forms, graphic scores, instrumental theatre, music based on a newest technology, projects with audiovisual, interactive and live arts elements. In 2005 Muzyka Centrum Orchestra was founded as a part of the European Modern Orchestra project. The orchestra combines soloist of the society, as well as young musicians specialized in new music. Muzyka Centrum cooperates with many modern art organizers and new music ensembles.

Muzyka Centrum Art Society
Starowislna str. 3
31-038 Krakow
tel/fax: +48.12.2676195
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