Alessandro Carboni

The modality of working of Alessandro Carboni is deeply tied to places and has to pass through re-elaboration. He addresses the research paths in multiple disciplines and draw on studies of specific theoretical and practical issue. The Alessandro Carboni uses of collaborations with other artists, scholars, researchers, planners, architects, creating art and working platforms that become ends and mile stones of the trail project. He takes on the role of interface and mediator between a platform and another, between researchers, artists and performers. The wealth of experience and knowledge that accumulates creates shows and performances: each is a point of arrival and departure of different creative paths-this process of creation has evolved to the nature of performance-making and the body of the 21st century, particularly in his cognitive and biological / technological. Recently, his focal interest is on body movement and its relation to the surrounding spaces. For several years now, Carboni has been studying visual art, choreography. In the last five years Alessandro has been working on creating a new methodology ROT – rules of thumbs, for choreography , which combines elements of dance, visual art, urban geography, mathematics and system theory. At present, he is expanding the scope of this research, which incorporates the activities of ‘LaDU: Multimedia Laboratory of Urban Density’ at the University of Architecture in Cagliari. Carboni teaches ‘Methodology and Performance Practice’ for a Master course in Performance Design and Practice at Central Saint Martins in London, ‘Digital Performance’ for the Master course Digital Environment Design at NABA in Milan. He collaborate also with the School of Architecture in Hong Kong.

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