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Tom Thiel

Tom Thiel
Worked for nearly ten years as a recording engineer in the northern part of bavaria, then moved to berlin and became a musician.
In Sun Electric with Max Loderbauer
In BUS with Daniel Meteo.
Engineering work includes:
Marc Almond, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Yello, ELO, The Dolphin Brothers, DAF, Nena, Palais Schaumburg and many more.
Sun Electric released 1 live-, 4 studioalbums on R&S and 1 album on Shitkatapult.
Bus released 2 albums featuring MC Soom T. on Scape Records.
Currently working on solo-material.



Runar Magnusson

Runar Magnusson
Runar Magnusson - Options
Catalog nr. - HKUSB1
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WuWei Music

WU WEI is considered to be the world’s leading avant-garde sheng (Chinese mouth-organ) soloist. After studying sheng – a 4000-year old Chinese folk instrument – at the renowned music conservatory of Shanghai as a Master’s student and working in the traditional Chinese musical Orchestra of Shanghai as a soloist, he was awarded a DAAD scholarship in 1995 to study in Berlin at the Hanns Eisler Academy of Music. He has lived in Berlin ever since.

Besides winning many prestigious national and international competitions for traditional Chinese music, he won the first prize in the German music competition “Musica Vitale” in 1996 and 2002. In 2004, he won the German folk prize “Global Root” for extraordinary achievement on the German music scene as an international musician.

Wu Wei is world-renowned for his abilities in the realms of modern and improvised music, jazz-influenced music, new music, minimalist music, and numerous other styles, which he performs on his modern discant sheng of 37 pipes. He has also found hidden sounds on the instrument and creates new sound-worlds for the new music style, but in his own musical expressions and sound-colors. He uses the tableau of classical Chinese music and enhances it with contemporary structures and musical ideas. He creates new musical dimensions for traditional Chinese instrumental music.

Wu Wei’s background is Chinese classical music, combined with an extraordinary musical creativity and vitality. He joins in different interdisciplinary projects like” Music and Literature” with the famous German writer Günter Grass who has been awared the Nobel Prize in Literature 1999 and Michael Lentz; Contemporary Opera with Qu xiaosong, Guo Wenjing and Wang Lin; Contemporary Dance with Geraldo Si (Brasilien), Barbara Sarreau (Frankreich), Miho Iwata (Japan, Butoh-Dance), and I-Fen Lin (Taiwan); Musical Theater with Jörg Widmann, and Music Painting with Jean-Jacques Lemetre  from Théâtre du Soleil Paris.Wu Wei draws inspiration from a wide range of collaborators, enjoying the dynamics of his interactions. He is the first musician to bring the 37-pipes sheng to the international stage.



Brian Ring

The Grapevine is a project of Brian Ring, a Canadian artist who first came to Hanoi in January, 1996 and has spent most of his time here since then.

But – this Grapevine has nothing to do with grapes and nothing to do with wine, so…

Why is it called Grapevine?
The name comes from an old saying in English – “I heard it through the grapevine” – which indicates that information is recieved from an informal, usually personal contact. Information is passed along from person to person, something like a vine connecting bunches of grapes. When I started this blog the name seemed appropriate, because that was how I heard about most of the events happening in Hanoi.

This phrase is also familiar to many people because of a popular R&B song from the late 1960’s. “I Heard it Through the Grapevine” was recorded by many artists, probably the most popular being Marvin Gaye and Creedence Clearwater Revival.

You can read a good explanation of the presumed origins of the phrase, and a thorough history of the song and everyone who recorded it.

And while you’re reading, listen to Marvin Gaye or Creedence doing the song:

Mavin Gaye




Itta and Marqido are two previously solo experimental musicians who paired up in 2005 to create 10. Independently successful, together, they burst through art festivals throughout much of Asia and parts of Europe, gaining recognition as one of the most active and creative bands on the Asian indie scene.

They met in Seoul at an international experimental music gathering at Bulgasari and were impressed by each others performances. Itta suggested that they tour together and soon after they formed 10, a name that marks the date they met, October 10th, and also symbolizes their union; 1 represents Itta, or "to be", and 0 represents the first part of Marqido's name, Maru, or "cycle."

The two make an artistically complete pair. Their dynamic compositions and improvisations conjugate an assortment of instruments and various art forms. Marqido is a Japanese noise artist with psychedelic and avant-garde influence. For him, the intrigue of using the laptop as an instrument is that the noise seems to mysteriously come about without the listener or viewer being able to definitively identify how. Itta is a Korean vocalist who plays the melodica, piano, accordion, mini synthesizer, key-tar, drum kit, and numerous toys. For her, noise is a poetic device. Itta is an extravagant performer while Marqido is antagonistically still. Together they render a sound and performance that is innocent and explosive, unexpected but not awkward. 10's performance has provoked words from critics from: "bizarre," "abrasive," and "ironic," to: "intriguing," "alluring," and "intricate."

Contact, Booking and CD Order /// This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




IOIOI's uncorruptible trust is the natural expression of truth, freedom, love and compassion.
That is the Reality.
This is You, real nature.
Never Death has explained anything! Never Life has explained anything!
"Wake up and stand Alone"
It just can be heard. If this makes sense for anyone else, that's great.



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