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COLORIR is a duo from BRAZIL that likes to express themselves through free improvisation, converting people and guiding the youth to a higher level of self conciousness.

"Memória de Cavalo Marinho II" is the title of the latest online release. All recorded while on tour in China and London in March 2008. Loss of memory, illusion, confusion, seeking redemption from the material world.

COLORIR se expressa através da Música Livre, convertendo pessoas para o desapego das canções.



Bernhard Gal

The Austrian artist, composer and musicologist Bernhard Gal has become internationally known as one of the most prolific sound artists of a younger generation. During the past ten years Gal has created around 50 sound installations and media art projects, combining sound, light, objects, spatial concepts and video projections into intense and often site-specific interdisciplinary art works. He also composes music for acoustic instruments and electro-acoustic music. As a (laptop) musician he has been performing live in around 150 concerts on four continents.

Born in Vienna, Austria in 1971, Gal began to nurture his interest in music and (sound) art around 1985. After studies at Vienna’s University of Music (Sound Engineering) and the University of Vienna (Musicology), and a year-long residency in New York City in 1997–98, he has focused on his compositional and artistic activities. He runs the record label Gromoga Records and is director of the Austrian art organization ‘sp ce’. Together with Ernst Reitermaier, he curates the Viennese Festival ‘Shut up and Listen!’. Currently, Gal lives as a freelance composer and artist in Vienna and Berlin where he also taught sound art at the University of Arts in 2006-07.

An important aspect of his work is the combination of music with other art forms, in solo projects as well as in collaborations, e.g. since 1997 with the Japanese architect Yumi Kori (‘audio-architectural installations’). As a (laptop) musician, Gal performs in solo concerts and has worked together with musicians such as Tung Chao-Ming, Kai Fagaschinski and Jennifer Walshe.

Gal's work has been presented in concerts, sound installations, exhibitions, and radio portraits in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. He has been invited to international music and art festivals (including Wien Modern Vienna; MaerzMusik Berlin; Donaueschinger Musiktage; Nuova Consonanza Rome; MATA Festival New York; Mutek Montreal; Musicacoustica Beijing; FILE Sao Paulo) and frequently gives lectures and workshops.

For his music and art projects Gal has received several awards, including the Karl Hofer Prize Berlin 2001, an Annual Grant from SKE-Fonds Vienna 2002, a composer fellowship from the DAAD Artists in Berlin Programme 2003, and the Austrian State Scholarship for Composition 2004. Bernhard Gal’s music has been made available on more than 25 audio publications. In 2005, the German publishing house Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg published the comprehensive catalogue book ‘Installations’, documenting Gal’s intermedia installations since 1999.  



Marek Chołoniewski

Marek Chołoniewski
born 1953, in Krakow, studied organ (with L.Werner), theory of music and
composition (with B.Schaeffer) at the Krakow Academy of Music, since 2000
the director of the  Electro-acoustic Music Studio.
In 1977 he founded Muzyka Centrum Art Society, largely engaged in concert
work. Founder and co-founder of many groups: Freight Train (with P.Bikont
and K.Knittel), Studio MCH, DoubleMark (with M.Polishook), CH&K&K
(with K.Knittel and W.Kiniorski), mc2 duo (with  M.Chyrzynski), Infinity
Quartett (with K.Neuringer, R.Zawel and R.Mazur), Natural Plastic (with
A.Knoles) and Kinetic Trio (with W.Kiniorski and R.Mazur), which deals with
concert and recording activities. Since 1979 member of Cracovian Group Art
Choloniewski writes instrumental and electroacoustic music for theater, film
and radio, author of sond and video installations, audio-visual, outdoor and
net  projects. A world renown lecturer, composer, sound artist and live art
performer. Since 1984 he has been giving concerts, workshops and lectures
in Europe, North and South America as well as Asia.
Author, founder, artistic director, coordinator and cooperator of many
international projects:
„audio art“ series (1987),
Audio Art Festival (1993),
International Workshops for New Music Cracow/Stuttgart with Matthias
Hermann (1993).
International Academy for New Composition and Audio Art in Tirol with
M.Penz van Stappershoef  (1993 - 1999),
Silent Films with Music Live (1994),
Global Mix (1998),
Art Boat (2000),
GPS-Art (2000),
Ensemble Spiel with S.Meier (2003),
Bridges and European Modern Orchestra with K.Kwiatkowski (2003,
2005), Polish Society for Electroacoustic Music (Polish section of CIME/ISEM
Polish Sound Art in China and Chinese Sound Art in Poland (with Dickson
Dee and Palsecam in 2006, 2007),
PAFME (with B.Boretz and D.Czerner 2006),
European Course for Musical Composition and Technologies (coordinated by
IRCAM 2007). 
In 2006 he received Honorable Award of the Polish Composers Union, Award
of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, as well as the Independent
Project grant of the CEC ArtsLink in New York.



Muzyka Centrum Ensemble

Muzyka Centrum
is a society of performers of contemporary music, founded in June 1977. It organizes concerts, festivals. workshops, records Cds, arranges outdoor and Internet projects. By the end of 2008 the society organized 547 concerts presenting around 470 Polish and world premiers, repertoire in part dedicated to Muzyka Centrum Ensemble. Since 1991 till 2007 Muzyka Centrum was a member of the European Conference of Promoters of New Music. The most important international projects of Muzyka Centrum:

Audio Art Festival
European Modern Orchestra
International Workshops for New Music
Polish Sound Art in China / Chinese Sound Art in Poland / Polish Sound Art in Tibet
European Course for Musical Composition and Technologies
Festival for Polish Culture in Luxembourg

The society combines several ensembles. The oldest one is Muzyka Centrum Ensemble, the group with variable set of instruments, synchronized with each program seperately. MCE performed in many festivals in Poland and aborad, and was the part of many international projects, among others: Ensemble Spiel, Bridges, Avantgarde Tirol, Polish Cultural Autumn in Bielarus, Polish-German Year. Muzyka Centrum Ensemble program includes sophisticated repertoire; open forms, graphic scores, instrumental theatre, music based on a newest technology, projects with audiovisual, interactive and live arts elements. In 2005 Muzyka Centrum Orchestra was founded as a part of the European Modern Orchestra project. The orchestra combines soloist of the society, as well as young musicians specialized in new music. Muzyka Centrum cooperates with many modern art organizers and new music ensembles.

Muzyka Centrum Art Society
Starowislna str. 3
31-038 Krakow
tel/fax: +48.12.2676195
email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Audio Art in Poland

Audio Art is an experimental and postmodernist art of the close of XX century and the beginning of the XXI century. Audio Art is an integration of sound and visual art. Presentation of Audio Art appears in form of the concert, performance and installation. Audio Art creates new concept of sound source: as an object and musical instrument in certain space and time. Audio Art is a "one person art": composer, designer and performer unify the whole process of art creation. Audio Art uses low and high technology. Audio Art Festival presents individual artists from all over the world. Festival also presents other non-audio art events extending the whole image of the art based on sound.

Audio Art Festival events are webcasted live.

Audio Art jest eksperymentalną i postmodernistyczną sztuką przełomu wieków. Audio Art to integracja sztuk wizualnych z dźwiękowymi. Audio Art występuje w formie koncertów, performance i instalacji. Audio Art tworzy nową koncepcję źródła dźwięku: obiektu i instrumentu muzycznego w określonej przestrzeni i czasie. Audio Art jest sztuką personalną: kompozytor, konstruktor i wykonawca unifikują cały proces tworzenia i wykonania dzieła. Audio Art używa prostej i zaawansowanej technologii. Festiwal Audio Art prezentuje artystów z całego świata oraz ich premierowe projekty. W ramach festiwalu odbywają się także prezentacje spoza nurtu Audio Art.

Wydarzenia festiwalu Audio Art są transmitowane na żywo przez internet.

Tujiko Noriko



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